For over 10 years, our school has taught students the modern Korean martial art and Olympic Sport of Taekwondo.  

We believe that every student deserves the right to live fearlessly and we strive to help each student learn about themselves, build confidence, as well as acquire physical, mental, and emotional skills that are transferrable to all areas of life.  

 We believe that there is great power in peace and, to those ends, aim to make our world a more inclusive place. 

 Five Rings Martial Arts is a UWSP Certified Safe Space for LGBTQ+ and we are a proudly diverse community.

Junior Tigers 4-6yo

This class introduces students to the generalities of Taekwondo. Our focus is on coordination, balance, and FUN! We hope to foster a healthy relationship with exercise, respect, and discipline.  

6-8yo / 9-12yo / 13+ Taekwondo 

Our Taekwondo program certified through international standards and is the only school in Central Wisconsin that is certified through the headquarters of World Taekwondo and the Kukkiwon.

Nerf War Birthday

An EXCLUSIVE Birthday event!  We provide the space, setup/cleanup, and 2 hours of time!  

Self-Defense Classes

Our Strong Women's Self-Defense Classes are offered free to the public occasionally.  If you would like to schedule one specifically for yourself or your group, we can do that too!  Our requested donation is $20/guest.  If you would like to schedule YOUR private self-defense class please email;  otherwise, please follow us on social media for announcements on future classes. 

Mr. Stephen Decker


 Five Rings Martial Arts is dedicated to developing champions in life by creating a community of students, athletes, coaches, instructors, and parents who are committed to the highest ideals of martial arts: respect, discipline, and effort in all things.