High Belt Testing Cycles 

1st Degree Kukkiwon Black Belt Requirements

Poomsae Taegeuk (8th) Pahl Jang -- Earth

Pahl applies the Gon principle of Palgwe. Gon symbolizes the earth, the source of life. Keon is the father, Gon is the mother. The earth is where the creative force of heaven is realized. Gon represents the receptivity of the earth.

It is moist and heavy, sinking into the ground. Gon is also gentle and nurturing. Gon signifies the infinite concentration of Um energy. The earth nurtures in silence and in strength. Gon teaches us the importance of the life force within ourselves, and to respect life in all forms.

2nd Degree Kukkiwon Black Belt Requirements

1 year of training as a 1st Degree Black Belt

Poomsae Koryo the floor pattern symbolizes "seonbae", which means "learned man." The name of this poomsae memorializes the Koryo Dynasty (918 C.E. - 1392 C.E.) and reflects the indomitable will of the Korean people in the face of extreme adversity. The country name "Korea" derives from the word Koryo (also spelled Goryeo). 

3rd Degree Kukkiwon Black Belt Requirements

2 year of training as a 2nd Degree Black Belt

Poomsae Keumgang which means diamond / mountain, symbolizes hardness, or that which is too strong to be broken. This form refers to the mountain called 금강산 (Keumgangsan), which is considered the centre of Korean national spirit, and is a symbol of immovability and the immutability. Just as a diamond exhibits hardness, and beauty through clarity, this form must express the spiritual strength necessary to cut through all distractions presented by life. 

4th Degree Kukkiwon Black Belt Requirements

3 year of training as a 3rd Degree Black Belt

Desire to Teach and an Established plan to Transition into Instructing a Program

Poomsae Taebek meaning “bright mountain”, is the name of a mountain in Korean mythology, from where the legendary founder of Korea, is thought to have ruled the nation. Numerous places are known as Taebek.  This form venerates this most sacred of mountains. Since this mountain reaches to the sun, Taebaek can be defined as “light” and must be performed with the agility of light.