A World Class School without the World Class Price Tag!

For ages 4-6 and introduces students to the movements and generalities of Martial Arts. Focus will be on coordination, balance, and FUN! This program is designed to foster a healthy relationship with exercise, respect and discipline.

Our Traditional Taekwondo program mixes the science and safety of sport with the modern art of Taekwondo. Perfect for any age 6+. Separated based on age group - 6-10 years old - 10-14 years old - and 14+ years old. Family Friendly and Each Additional Family Member is 25% OFF!

Our State Taekwondo Team is open for all to join. If you want to be competitive in local, state, and/or national Taekwondo tournaments, this program is designed to make you a better athlete in and out of the ring. ALL ages, ALL Belt Levels, ALL Abilities - NO Tryouts, NO Cuts.

Are you a closet dancer? You know — nobody's home, you crank the tunes and start to boogie? It's time to release your inner Shakira and get your belly dancing groove on.

​FREE to sign up and drop in classes are only $5!

Our Birthday parties are AWESOME!

* 2 Hours of Space Rental

*30 Minute Taekwondo lesson

*30 Minute Instructor Led Games

*Cut a cake with a REAL SWORD

If you are looking for a Self-Defense class designed for women and/or children that is filled with information and practical skills without any fluff, here it is!

We are available for corporate events as well - Please contact us for our rates.