Five Rings Martial Arts is dedicated to developing champions in both life. We are the only competitive taekwondo school in the Stevens Point area with local, regional, national and international champions!! We are dedicated to providing a safe place for martial artists to develop character, skill, and confidence.

Five Rings Martial Arts has been the leader in competition Taekwondo since they were founded in 2013.  Serving as the headquarters of the Wisconsin Taekwondo Association at its inception, Mr. Decker served as the first USA-Taekwondo sanctioned State President and Tournament Director of the first EVER USA-Taekwondo sanctioned State Championships in 2013 and again in 2014.  

As a certified USA-Taekwondo coach since 2009, US National Team Coach in 2016, '17, and '18, and Internationally certified referee, Mr. Decker has been as deep into the sport of Taekwondo as anyone else in the history of the state.  If becoming a champion in the sport of Taekwondo is what you want; Welcome Home. 

The mission of developing champions in life comes from the belief that the struggles we face, the ones that put us face-to-face with the aspects of ourselves we find difficult, is the only way to grow past them.  Learning IS uncomfortable, it's supposed to be.  Discovering your own indomitable spirit, acquiring the knowledge that only time can teach you, developing the grit it takes to become someone who others see as a leader, it's HARD work.

Getting a black belt is easy (just order one on Amazon),  BEING a black belt takes time.  It takes a lot of hard work - and it SHOULD be hard.  Five Rings Martial Arts does not promote many people to black belt because most students do SOME work and are happy with a green belt.  But - Green belt is when it starts getting hard.  If you want to show your grit - it STARTS at green belt. 

If you are still reading, if the idea of hard work hasn't scared you away, Sign Up for Your Free Trial HERE! and start discovering!