Rings of Wrath Martial Arts Tournament!

EVERY Competitor will receive a Custom High-Quality Medal

Sponsored by the Riggs Family! (THANK YOU!)


Same venue as last year! 2442 Sims Ave, Stevens Point

Sponsored by the Riggs Family! (THANK YOU!)


When:  Saturday, May 11th, Doors open at  8am. See age specific report times below. 

How Much:  First event cost is $69.00 and each additional event is $15.00 during the early registration period.   Late Registration is $85 for the first event and $25 for each additional event or for adding additional events the day of

Where: Stevens Point Parks and Rec Gymnasium - 2442 Sims Ave, Stevens Point!

What:  This tournament is a cooperative event with the hope of providing our martial arts students the chance to compete and learn from their successes and the successes of others.  Anyone who has been around Martial Arts understands that the things that happens in the ring make competition a very different game than the what happens in the studio.  Sometimes the rules for competitions vary from the rules in the studio.  Tournament success takes time!  No one is making a National Team from this event - make sure your competitive spirit matches what is at stake :P.  

We encourage all students to participate at THEIR competitive level - not just their belt level. The THREE options at registration are Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced.  

GENERALLY White and Yellow belts are viewed as beginners, but there may be some green belts that fit that category too.  

GENERALLY, Green and Blue belts are viewed as Intermediates - but there may be some yellow or red or black belts that fit in that category too!

GENERALLY, Red and Black belts are viewed as Advanced, but there may be some Blue or even Green belts that may fit better there also!   

Often, there are athletes in Taekwondo/Martial Arts that struggle with a physical, emotional, or learning disabilities that effect their success at tournaments, but not necessarrily in the gym.  Athletes who have these struggles can adjust their level accordingly and hopefully we have an event where athletes and coaches from any martial arts school, who are interested in a positive experience and an opportunity to learn and grow, and find success!!. 

On-Site Registration will begin at 8:00 am for 12+ athletes who did not register online or wish to add an event.   $85/event and $25 for each additional at the door. 

All 12+ report time is NO LATER THAN 8:30.  Age 5-11 report time is 11am, regardless of event 'call time'. 

Each coach, athlete and spectator will be entered for a chance to win one of several award baskets put together by the Students, families, and parents from Five Rings Martial Arts.   Additional chances will be available.  The drawing will occur at around Noon. Need not be present to win.

Coach, Referee, and Ring Assignment meeting will occur at 8:45 (the same time as the first call for competitors)

Limited Seating will be available, BYOChair.  No Carry-Ins, No Alcohol, No abusive behavior.

Divisions will be created in holding prior to each event.  COACHES ONLY will have the ability to discuss matchups and divisions with the holding area manager to address concerns before the matches hit the rings.  You know your athletes! We encourage you to help us help them AND YOU have a successful event.  


ages 12+ Schedule 

Report time for ALL divisions is NO LATER THAN 8:30am.  

Forms and Weapons divisions will be called at 8:45.

Breaking divisions will be called at 9:30.

Sparring will follow at 10:30.

**There will be NO victory by point gap awarded to any athlete under the age of 18**  

If a match reaches a point-gap situation or is otherwise lopsided, the athletes will be reassigned to more competitive divisions.  

Ages 4-11 Schedule of events

Report time NO LATER THAN 11:00AM

Forms and weapons divisions will be called at 11:30

Breaking Divisions will be called at 1:00

Sparring will follow at 2:00

**There will be NO victory by point gap awarded to any athlete under the age of 18**  

If a match reaches a point-gap situation or is otherwise lopsided, the athletes will be reassigned to a more competitive divisions.

Sparring Rules


Breaking Rules

Forms / Weapons Rules