Mr. Rolands

​I came to Taekwondo as an adult, having spent much of my youth playing soccer and pursuing other interests. I briefly took up fencing as a teen, which was to be my only experience with any form of martial art until my family decided to seek out a healthy activity we could all do together. My wife and I were interested in Taekwondo and thought it would be particularly good for our young daughter.

We became students under Master Koa Vu in 2007 in Stevens Point, studying Taekwondo, Hapkido, and weapons until he moved away from the area in 2011. I came to Five Rings Martial Arts in 2015 for a weapons class, and my daughter decided to resume Taekwondo as a sport. Unable to remain a spectator, I returned to my Taekwondo training as well.

I earned my 1st Dan under Master Stephen Decker in 2015 and my 2nd Dan in 2017. I also earned my USAT Associate Coach certification in 2017 and went to the 2017 National Championships as an assistant coach with the Wisconsin State Taekwondo Team "One Team Wisconsin".

I have found Taekwondo to be remarkably rewarding as both a sport and a personal pursuit for continued fitness of the body and mind.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please share them with me!